Learning SEO From The Experts A Step By Step Guide

Choosing the right keywords is often the difference between getting found in search and not getting found. As a result, keyword research is the foundation of an effective online marketing strategy.

There are several variables that impact keyword selection. These variables can be divided into two groupings - primary selection variables and prioritization variables.

Primary Selection of Keywords

It is important to understand what aspects of keywords make them important to your business. The different variables or characteristics of a keyword help determine whether the keywords are worth consideration in your SEO strategy. Only if keywords pass the primary selection tests can they be subjected to the prioritization variable tests. Considerations for primary keyword selection are:

• Ensuring keyword terms/phrases have sufficient search volumes
• Ensuring the chosen keyword terms are relevant
• Assessing levels of relative competition

If a search term doesn’t satisfy the criterion of sufficient volume, then it is removed from the list. Likewise, if it does not satisfy the relevancy criterion, it should not be considered.
Prioritization of Keywords:

Two things to consider when prioritizing keywords are:
• Competitive advantage for the product/services
• Profitability of the products/services associated with the keywords

Prior to entering the vetting process, a Keyword Opportunity List should be generated.

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