Mastering HTML5 Forms

Web viewers may never know about the background of an application, such as HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, or PHP. What they want to know is whether your application works on their device or not and how much effort is required.

Even though web development has changed over the years, the core task of creating a web page has not been changed. We create a document and put it out on the Web for people to view. To put something on the Web, we need to learn some special languages that are accepted on the Web. Yes, we are talking about the scripting
languages such as HTML and PHP.

The main objective of this book is to ensure that the user who fills the form built
by you should enjoy and feel satisfied in every possible way. Here, satisfaction means the look and feel of the forms and minimum adjustments on the page while navigating, which can be on a desktop computer, mobile device, or mini laptop.

This book has been written keeping in mind that readers should enjoy a step-by-step, example driven, and visual-based approach to learning. This book will cover many aspects of web development, such as the language used to develop the web forms as well as ways to make web forms look good and accept information from visitors.

This book will act as a platform with which you will learn how to create beautiful and responsive forms and link them to the database where the form information will be stored.

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