Matlab Programming For Numerical Analysis

The most important elements of the MATLAB screen are the following:
• The Command Window: This runs MATLAB functions.
• The Command History: This presents a history of the functions introduced in the Command Window and allows you to copy and execute them.
• The Launch Pad: This runs tools and gives you access to documentation for all Math Works products currently installed on your computer.
• The Current Directory: This shows MATLAB files and execute files (such as opening and search for content operations).
• Help (support): This allows you to search and read the documentation for the complete family of MATLAB products.
• The Workspace: This shows the present contents of the workspace and allows you to make changes to it.
• The Array Editor: This displays the contents of arrays in a tabular format and allows you to edit their values.
• The Editor/Debugger: This allows you to create, edit, and check M-files (files that contain MATLAB functions).

The MATLAB Command Window

The Command Window (Figure 1-2) is the main way to communicate with MATLAB. It appears on the desktop when
MATLAB starts and is used to execute all operations and functions. The entries are written to the right of the prompt >> and, once completed, they run after pressing Enter. The first line of Figure 1-3 defines a matrix and, after pressing Enter, the matrix itself is displayed as output.

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