Oracle Web Services Managera

Oracle Web Services Manager, a component of SOA Suite from Oracle is a web services security and monitoring product that helps organizations not only to define and enforce security policies, but also to define and enforce the service level agreements. One of the key components of Service Oriented Architecture is security, and this book will be useful for those who are implementing SOA or for those who just want to manage and secure their web services.
This book not only describes the need for and the standards of web services security, but also how to implement them with Oracle WSM. It contains detailed examples on how to secure and monitor web services using Oracle WSM with explanations on the internals of WS-* security standards. It also describes how to customize Oracle WSM and how to plan for high availability.

What This Book Covers

Chapter 1 gives an in-depth overview of web services security from a business point of view, describing the security challenges in a web services environment, why traditional network security isn't enough, and how to measure the ROI on web services security.
Chapter 2 discusses the architecture of web services security including the various inter operable standards, challenges in implementing web services security in .NET and Java applications, and the need for centralized policy definition and enforcement. It also discusses the need to integrate with existing single sign-on systems and provides an overview of Oracle Web Services Manager. Chapter 3 discusses the architecture of Oracle Web Services Manager. In this chapter, we explore the various components of Oracle WSM, such as gateway, agent, policy management, routing, monitoring, etc.

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