Pro ODP.NET for Oracle Database 11g

The release of Oracle Database 11g, and more recently, revision R2 offers up a trove of advanced Oracle database functionality ranging from features like database change notifications to performance boosts like query result caching. As new features are added, the functionality you could achieve with the database increased manifold, but what you, as a .NET developer, could do using Microsoft’s ADO.NET and OLEDB.NET technologies were still quite limited. Without native access to the database, NET developers could not tap onto many of these Oracle-specific features that would otherwise allow them to fine-tune data access performance. To many, it was like being in a racecar stuck in first gear.

Fortunately, both Microsoft and Oracle have released providers that enable .NET developers to write applications that are more tightly integrated with the Oracle database. Microsoft released the .NET Managed Provider for Oracle, and Oracle released the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET). These data providers were different from the rest in that they communicated directly with the native Oracle Call Interface (OCI) application programmer interface (API) and exposed a larger set of the native functionality in Oracle.

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