Programming ArcGIS 10.1

ArcGIS is an industry-standard geographic information system from ESRI.
This book will show you how to use the Python programming language to create geo processing scripts, tools, and shortcuts for the ArcGIS Desktop environment. This book will make you a more effective and efficient GIS professional, by showing you how to use the Python programming language with ArcGIS Desktop to automate geo processing tasks, manage map documents and layers, find and fix broken data links, edit data in feature
classes and tables, and much more. Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python Cookbook starts by covering fundamental Python programming concepts in an ArcGIS Desktop context. Using a how-to instruction style, you'll
then learn how to use Python to automate common important ArcGIS geo processing tasks. In this book, you will also cover specific ArcGIS scripting topics that will help save you time and effort when working with ArcGIS. Topics include managing map document files, automating map production and printing, finding and fixing broken data sources, creating custom geoprocessing tools, and working with feature classes and tables, among others.
In Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python Cookbook, you'll learn how to write geo processing scripts using a pragmatic approach designed around accomplishing specific tasks in a cookbook style format.

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