RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 12c 2nd Edition

Every company relies on data to operate eiciently. Protecting corporate data is a critical task. One major responsibility of a DBA is to ensure that information stored in corporate databases is safe and available. his is what
makes a database administrator valuable. Oracle is a leading vendor of database technology. Many companies use Oracle databases to store mission-critical data. Recovery Manager (RMAN) is Oracle’s flagship database backup and recovery solution. A DBA’s job security depends on being able to back up and safely recover databases. therefore, RMAN is a tool that every Oracle DBA must be proficient with.

RMAN can be used out of the box for simple backup and recovery needs or can be configured to meet the most sophisticated requirements. When you are implementing RMAN backups, sometimes it can be difficult to ind clear examples of how to accomplish a specific task. Or worse, you ind yourself in an uber-stressful recovery situation and you can’t quickly ind a solution to get your mission-critical database restored and available. In those hectic circumstances, you don’t want to wade through pages of architectural discussions or complex syntax diagrams. Rather, you require a solution right then and there. You want a quick step-by-step cookbook example that is easy to read and to the point.
This book provides you with task-oriented, ready-made solutions to both common and not-so-common backup and recovery scenarios. You do not need to read this book cover to cover. You can pick and choose whatever topic requires your attention. Whether you just need to brush up on an old backup and recovery subject or you want to implement an RMAN feature that is new in Oracle Database 12c, this book allows you to focus on a topic and its corresponding solution.

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