The Linux Command Line

I want to tell you a story. No, not the story of how, in 1991, Linus Torvalds wrote the first version of the
Linux kernel. You can read that story in lots of Linux books. Nor am I going to tell you the story of how,
some years earlier, Richard Stallman began the GNU Project to create a free Unix-like operating system. That’s an important story too, but most other Linux books have that one, as well. No, I want to tell you the story of how
you can take back control of your computer. When I began working with computers as a college student in the late
1970s, there was a revolution going on. The invention of the microprocessor had made it possible for ordinary people like you and me to actually own a computer. It’s hard for many people today to imagine what the world was
like when only big business and big government ran all the computers. Let’s just say you couldn’t get much done.

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