Twisted Network Programming Essentials 2nd Edition

This book is about Twisted, an open source, event-driven networking engine written in Python.
Twisted supports many common transport and application layer protocols, including TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS, HTTP, IMAP, SSH, IRC, and FTP. Like the language in which it is written, it is “batteries-included”; Twisted comes with client and server implementations for all of its protocols, as well as utilities that make it easy to configure and deploy
production-grade Twisted applications from the command line. Twisted includes both high- and low-level tools for building performant, cross-platform applications. You can deploy a web or mail server with just a few lines of code, or you can write your own protocol from scratch. At every level, Twisted provides a tested, RFC-conforming, extensible API that makes it possible to rapidly develop powerful network software. In keeping with the spirit of the O’Reilly Essentials series, this book is not about torturing you with the nitty-gritty details of specific networking protocols, or with exhaustively documenting Twisted’s APIs. For a comprehensive treatment of how to use Twisted to build applications for a particular protocol, please get your footing with this book and hen consult the official documentation. Instead, the goal of this book is to give you fluency in the primitives Twisted provides and the idioms that it uses to build network clients and servers. It starts with an introduction to the underlying event-driven model and a big-picture view of Twisted as a framework, focusing on simple, self-contained examples that you can play with and extend as you explore Twisted’s APIs. Where possible, the client and server examples
are written so they can be run together.

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