Wireless Network Security A Beginners Guide

Few technologies have so rapidly reached the ubiquitous level that wireless technologies have. Just over ten years ago, wireless networks were still considered expensive for consumers and something of a luxury for general business use. Then, the market demanded access to data whenever and wherever, and wireless networks exploded everywhere, permeating every aspect of our lives. Now almost every new device (including many that don’t need it) is made with integrated wireless services.

This book is designed for IT professionals who need to quickly understand the risks and vulnerabilities associated with deploying and managing a wireless network and need a good foundation for designing and deploying secure wireless networks. This book does more than just detail specific attacks; it provides an understanding of the underlying attack vectors and techniques so that future attacks can be quickly understood.

This book is written as a no-nonsense guide to get you up to speed quickly without glossing over the important technical details. I tried to provide you with enough technical information without going into meaningless details. You, the reader, will be the best judge of how successful I have been.

You will learn the attack vectors inherent in all wireless technologies, which will remain true for technologies that haven’t even been released yet. We will cover specific weaknesses in WEP and WPA as well as weaknesses in the operation of wireless client devices. We will also cover the most common attack tools used to circumvent WEP and
WPA wireless networks.

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